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The missing wedding cake!! Suttons Bay, Michigan

This summer I did two weddings at Aurora Cellars in Suttons Bay, Michigan. If you have ever been there you know that they have 2 locations for weddings. One at the top of the hill and one at the bottom. On this specific day it was a complete disaster with the weather. Puddles and puddles of water just everywhere the rain would not STOP! Every 15 minutes looking at the radar hoping and praying there is a break in the rain so I can finish setting up. The bride and groom are scheduled to get married at 5pm. Its now 4:15 guests are arriving, its still raining, everyone is taking shelter in the tent vs the ceremony area. I am doing my last rounds making sure we are ready and I realize the cake is not here. I immediatly call the bakery and say, "hey there this is Amanda Kaylee's wedding planner where did you drop the cake off?" She proceeds to tell me that its on the cake table. I than tell her its not there and need to know where it is now!! Come to find out she dropped it off and set it up at the wrong wedding!!!!! It's now 30 minutes before the wedding and we have no cake. The bakery asks me what they want them to do....ummm....hello,,,,I want you to turn around and bring it to me in one piece!!!! Oh my gosh....the cake finally arrived in one piece and not one person knew there was an issue. Till this day the bride still does not know her cake was MIA!! Do yourself a favor hire a coordinator let her be the one to find the cake!

Picture Credits: Lauren Wood Photography

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